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Bath Salts and Moisturizers

Bath Salts

Bath salts made with pure Dead Sea salt combined with skin essential minerals.  Imported Dead Sea salt from Israel is unrefined and can be used for baths, scrubs, therapeutic treatments and spas.We have coarse and fine grain salts.

We also carry pure salts that are harvested from the Himalayan Mountain range. The sea salt from the Himalayans is hand mined and full of minerals.

You will find many different combinations of sea salt blended with our herbal infused jojoba oil. When used as a scrub the salt will gently exfoliate skin and help rejuvenate youthful, radiant, and smooth skin.

You can also tailor our salts to fit your skin's needs.

Try our bath salt blended with essential oils it works well to soothe psoriasis, sore muscles, and tired feet.


Our moisturizer has a lotion base made with shea oil, aloe vera, and jojoba oil. These oils work great together providing your skin with important vitamin nutrients and 24 hour protection. Our moisturizer is rich and creamy so it will absorb into the skin easily without feeling greasy.

We have many different herbal combination moisturizers with fresh clean scents or a sultry spice smell to help improve your mood. Our moisturizers can also be tailored to you.

Let us know what your skin problem is and we will create a solution just for you.

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Restoration Moisturizer


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