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Brazilian, Spanish, and Malaysian Hair Extensions

Are you looking for high quality Remy hair that will look good and last a long time? Some companies want you to believe that Brazilian, Malaysian and Spanish hair is the highest quality hair extensions available on the market. However, Malaysia is off the coast of Asia and although the name sounds exotic; the hair is not. Malaysian hair is no different than Asian hair except that it has a wave to it. This provokes the assumption that the hair they are selling is Indian or Asian and sold as low quality at an inflated price.

The issue lies within the how many people in those countries grow hair to sell it and if they have sound reasoning. In India and China there are spiritual rituals where hair is willingly offered as a sacrifice which permits enough hair to supply an industry. Brazilian, Spanish or Malaysian hair is harder to come by because it is not as abundantly available and the likelihood of getting what you paid for is low.

If you actually did get Malaysian hair you may not want it. It is not likely that Malaysian hair would match unless you are of that nationality. Asian companies spend a lot of time chemically altering the hair to match many hair types.

As far as Brazilian hair, it would be a good match for Hispanic or Caucasian people, but do not be sure you are getting what you paid for. Brazilian women would be hard pressed to part with their hair; therefore, there is not a lot on the market today. Most likely the average consumer will never see any of it all. The same holds true for Spanish hair. It would be extremely rare as it is to buy American hair. There are places that claim they sell it in its entirety but is it virgin or even 100% human hair? Many American women go to the beauty salon for perms and color. They use hot combs and blow dryers that damage the hair thus making it unmarketable.

Italian hair is Asian and Indian hair that is processed in Italy. It is not Italian people hair; although, they do a really good job at making Asian and Indian hair useable for Caucasian consumers.

Hair from Eastern Europe is thought to be the best hair. Because it is rare, contains a natural light hair color, and available as virgin European hair, it is believed to be the best hair to purchase. But look out! The cost is high. The price is about $70.00 an ounce (it takes 6-8 ounces for a full head weave) in bulk form because it usually does not come on a weft. Because European hair is so rare it is sold at high prices with little or nothing done to the hair.

Remy Indian Hair Extensions

When buying Remy Indian hair for your extensions look for only the best quality of hair. Use hair that is full and healthy. Beware of companies selling poor quality Indian hair at low prices on the internet. Low quality Indian hair tends to be dry and stringy on the ends shortening the life of the hair. Make sure you look closely at the pictures of their hair. Are they showing you just the top half of the hair bundle? They should show the whole bundle of hair. Check how long they have been in business. Are they boasting of having several satisfied customer testimonials and they have only been in business for six months? People do write testimonials when they like a product but most people don't find the time so it takes awhile to obtain several of them.

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