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Herbal Infused Jojoba Oil for skin


We offer 100% organic jojoba oil infused with certified organic herbs. We have put together a list of our oils that work wonders for skin. We have herbal infused jojoba oil that can assist you with any skin ailment you may have. You may also combine these oils to create your very own herbal treatment.

Order oils below:

Rosehip Seed Jojoba Oil           Nettle Jojoba Oil

Licorice Root                            Orange Jojoba Oil

Lavender Jojoba Oil                   Gotu Kola Jojoba Oil

Sage Jojoba Oil                     Calendula Jojoba Oil

Horsetail Jojoba Oil                    Saw Palmetto Jojoba Oil

Coltsfoot Jojoba Oil                   Chamomile Jojoba Oil

Yarrow Jojoba Oil                     Red Clover Blossom  Jojoba Oil

Fennel Jojoba Oil                       Hyssop Jojoba Oil      

Lemon Balm Jojoba Oil              Juniper Jojoba Oiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Jasmine Jojoba oil                      Rose Jojoba oiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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Hibiscus Rosa Jojoba Oil