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International Hair Company specializes in the world's finest Virgin Remy hair extensions. With over 24 years of experience, they take pride in delivering the most beautiful, long-lasting Remy hair all over the world. Along with great customer service, InHairCo delivers top of the line products quickly and conveniently.

Several products including lace front closures, 100% Indian hair, Virgin Remy hair and Premium Remy hair are available in different textures ranging from curly, deep wave, body wave, and straight. The premium hair comes in a variety of colors such as #1, #4, and #30; just to name a few. Many reviews express the love of wearing InHairCo products because of its minimal shedding and natural appearance.

A common complaint about Indian hair is its tendency to tangle and mat up after washing it or with a few uses. International Hair Company's average customer can wear its hair extensions for about a year before repurchasing. The difference lies in the unidirectional cuticles which prevent tangling and matting. The Virgin hair comes in its natural state straight from India and is never processed, dyed or altered in any way.

International Hair Company takes the time to review each batch of hair before sending it out to guarantee a reliable product and eliminate complaints. Hair comes on a hand-tied or machine-weft depending on the desired style. The hair is affordable and easy to manage. Thousands of customers praise its soft and luxurious texture.


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Sage  Jasmine  Calendula  Horsetail  Red Clover Blossom  Fennel  Hyssop  Saw Palmetto  Lemon Balm  Orange  Juniper

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