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Jojoba oil, rich with vitamin E, stands alone to be great for hair and skin. It restores moisture that the hair and skin looses on a daily bases. The loss of moisture is what causes hair breakage and the skin to loose elasticity and appear aged.

When our 100% pure jojoba oil, with its ability to replenish, is infused with powerful herbs it now becomes a super agent to resolve any or all skin and hair problems when used on a regular basis.

The jojoba oil used in our products is cold pressed, meaning no heat was applied during the process to guarantee the oil has retained its essential fatty acid. Our jojoba oil product does not contain animal ingredients, alcohol, detergents, artificial color, or synthetic perfumes.

The herbal infused jojoba oils are processed over a period of 4 months with much care to ensure optimal potency of the herbs and the vitality of the jojoba oil. We have a great line of different herbs infused with jojoba oil for your many uses.

Jojoba oil adds maximum shine to hair and mimics the scalp's natural sebum oil, meaning that it works effectively. When Jojoba oil is applied to the scalp and hair it attracts and holds moisture and shine. Jojoba Oil will lubricate the hair shaft so that the hair is conditioned without a greasy feel.

For skin jojoba is readily absorbed. It replenishes moisture to the skin and will not clog pores. As a moisturizer, jojoba will smooth wrinkles and fine lines due to dry skin.

Try applying jojoba oil after your shower your skin will look younger, smoother and softer to the touch.



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