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Your Search for High Quality Remy Hair May Be Over!

Finding long-lasting, dependable Remy hair extensions can be a series of tiring research and disappointing trials. The key in finding hair that you will love all boils down to one thing: quality. Many companies promote high quality as a proud standard for their products, however, there is a noticeable difference between low and high quality hair.

There are only two main sources for Remy hair extensions: Chinese and Indian. Beware of Malaysian, Spanish or Brazilian hair being claimed as Remy hair. These sources are rare and more than half of the time, they are mixed with other types of hair. Korean hair manufacturers (aka beauty supply stores) is usually promoted as Remy hair but most of the time it only contains very small amounts of actual Remy hair.

Remy hair that has been chemically processed may still be high quality. However, the processing had to be performed in a way that does not damage the integrity of the hair. Some hair batches travel through harmful chemical applications that strip the hair cuticles and change the quality of the hair. Remy hair should have healthy unidirectional cuticles.

Another factor affecting the quality of the hair is the shelf-life. Like all consumer products, Remy hair also has a time span before the quality decreases. Fortunately pure Remy hair last longer than other hair types. Remy hair is 100% human hair and the life cycle from root to end affects the batch you may receive at home. Most people desire the batch of hair from root to mid-length of hair because it is the youngest form of growth and has not been around for years. Some Indian hair has been growing for several years before it is sold to the market but it is a lot older and drier. Some companies sell this old and dry hair in a revitalized form but it does not last long. Find a company that understands the shelf-life of the hair. Most of the time these healthy batches will be expensive, but over the long run you will save money from not having to find replacement hair so often.

You may be wondering, how do I know if it is high quality Remy hair? The texture of the hair makes a difference. You do not want hair that is stringy and dry. The hair should have a natural movement that flows like normal hair. High quality hair should last a long time (months to a year) with proper maintenance. Pay attention to the weft on the hair. They should be tightly sewn without shedding. Wefts should be thin and lay flat without a problem. If you are buying from a website, ask for samples of the hair before purchasing a full batch. Look at the pictures on the site, if they are only showing half of the batch and not showing the ends of the hair, they may be trying to hide brittle ends.

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